The King’s Elite Series

The King’s Elite & The Fargaible Prophecies book one

The Syndicate, a mysterious thieves’ guild, made a desperate attempt to assassinate the king who had nearly destroyed them.  After surviving their attack, King Alderman called upon his most  talented men to reinforce his guard and investigate the attack.  However, the assassin had previously worked beside the king, leaving Alderman unsure of who he could trust.  To ensure the loyalty of his men, King Alderman ordered that each have his future revealed. Unfortunately, the enlightenment of the unknown conjured more questions than answers.  What followed was a disastrous wake of chaos and a miraculous tale of forgiveness.

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8003378The King’s Elite and The Arbiter’s Onus book two

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While the Syndicate struggled to survive, King Alderman called on the aid of a powerful army to deliver the death blow. To usher in the new era outside of Davrian’s influence, Averlace’s school of magic was completed. Still, not all was at it seemed. Despite the promising horizon, King Alderman and his men were unable to gain the upper hand. The Syndicate’s shadow only grew as the King’s Elite sought more of the guild’s secrets. Unfortunately, the Syndicate seemed interested in more than organized crime.





KE_Davrian  KE_Lyle  KE_Illiot  KE_Fadrian  KE_Josie  KE_Owin  KE_Rhett  thad  KE_Kit  Erisa

 Gammon  KE_Athan  KE_Bruan


The King’s Elite & The Prince of Itihasia book three

Coming to Kindle ebook Winter 2018

As the Itihasian army prepares its siege outside Averlace’s walls, the last remnants of the Syndicate threaten the city within, forcing the Elite to fight a war on two fronts. Hope seems lost until the spectacular arrival of two young manaists, reminding Averlace of its rich heritage in magic. Now the lines between alliances and rivalries are blurred as the Elite turn to old enemies and forgotten magic to survive the coming siege. Can discipline in magic once deemed too dangerous be the kingdom’s salvation, or was the kingdom’s ancestors right to ban Manaism and its secrets?