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Scraps and Duds

I used to make fun of blogs.  Actually, I still do.  Why anyone would care to read what someone else thinks is beyond me; but then again, why wouldn’t we care?  After all, isn’t that why I decided to write a book?

I guess I decided I wanted this blog as a vent for my own mind.  If you care to venture here be forewarned, this is the scraps and duds of my wordsmithy.   In other words, if you want to read this feel free, but it is not aimed to entertain or inspire you.  In this blog’s defense however, this is not a pile of mindless-stream of consciousness word vomit.  Like I said earlier, these are scraps and duds, all of which may have some value or use still, even if they did come from an exhausted mind that spent its entire day teaching teens at a psychiatric and behavior management facility.  Word vomit, well is nothing more than a mess if let out and an uncomfortable, stinky soup from a reader’s digest if left in.  This blog is simply a dumpster for left over thoughts.  Feel free to dive in, but there is no lifeguard on duty (whatever that means.)

That being said, I still want this to be a safe place for anyone who would like to banter back and forth about whatever the topic may be about.  Especially if you are another writer er, wanna-be writer as is my case here.  Actually, after writing that last sentence, I know what my next post will be.

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