The King’s Elite & The Ebon Crow

It’s coming, I promise! The King’s Elite & The Ebon Crow has been a long time coming.  Since parting ways with Borderstone Press, I’ve taken interior design of the book into my owns hands which as been a challenge to say the least.  Thankfully I have the previous 3 books as a template to go by, but it has still proven a steep learning curve.  I’m still hoping for a Christmas 2019 release.  Stay tuned.

Email Notification   

If you want to receive an email to notify you when the book is available visit and fill out the pop up that will bombard you.  Sorry, I hate pop-ups too, but its all I’ve got going right now. Soon I will have an actual form to fill out when you visit the page.   Also I promise not to hit your inbox with a bunch of spam. The mailing list is used only to notify new book releases  (so far that’s 4 in the past 6 years) and a monthly newsletter.  That’s it.