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Your Story and the Author of Salvation

Your Story and the Author of Salvation

Hebrews 5:9- “And being made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him.” I’ve always liked the term Author of Salvation. The first English translations of Hebrews 5:9 used the word author instead of source. The Greek word translated is aítios, and its meaning is more in line of a cause… Continue Reading

Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

Writer’s block- I hate it, and boy I’ve had a fair share of it this past year. It’s paralytic and disheartening. The reason it pops its ugly head up varies, but all agree that nothing cures a bout of writer’s block like a good ole dose of inspiration. Writer’s aren’t the only people in need… Continue Reading

Praying for Your Child

Praying for Your Child

Protection, Guidance, Prosperity, Health, Friendship, Wisdom, Emotional Stability, Salvation This is my simplified prayer list for my son. Any parent could tell you that the list goes on forever, with new items added daily. I keep a prayer journal, and an overwhelming majority of my prayers are for my son. I can’t help it. I’m not a fearful person, but I acknowledge… Continue Reading

Design Flaw?

I consider myself a patient man. I know this because it’s been tested. At my last job I’ve been spat on, only to remain calm and to use the act as a teachable moment. My student’s routinely cussed me out instead of accepting classwork, or would kindly tell me what I could do to myself… Continue Reading

The Golden Feather and God’s Love

I got a good laugh in the other day watching my son play. We were both on the floor, he was trying to put something larger than his head into his mouth. He stopped and gave me a big grin. I then told him that I love him.  His eyes narrowed on me like he… Continue Reading

Tribute to Mom

It being Mother’s day, I thought it appropriate to write a tribute to all the mom’s out there. My perspective of motherhood has widened since my son was born. Being a father, I now have a more accurate understanding of the cost to love a child unconditionally.  To think I have to keep this same… Continue Reading

First Person Vs. Third Person: 3 Points to Consider

Stories begin with a single idea.  That’s how it was for me anyway. The King’s Elite started as a simple idea while driving to class one morning. I worked out the details  all day. It kept evolving and changing as I thought of more scenarios to thicken the plot. After a week or so of… Continue Reading

The Do’s and Don’ts Battle

It’s safe for me to assume, since you are reading my Stay@Home Dad blog, you have probably gone to the internet for help concerning babies and parenthood. It would also be safe to assume that you have encountered conflicting advice. You know what I am talking about. Site number one will say, Breastfeed your child exclusively… Continue Reading

Five Ways to Combat the Stay-at-Home Blues

I’m no pro, but I’ve done the stay-at-home gig long enough to understand the Stay-at-Home Blues. As parents, we love our kids and cherish the opportunity we have to spend each day with them, but every once in a while we can find ourselves stuck in a depressed rut. Some wish they had more time… Continue Reading

Promises We Don’t Really Believe

Promises  are a simple concept. Dictionary.com states that a promise is a declaration that something will or will not be done. It’s absolute. You can make a promise, but if it doesn’t follow through then it really wasn’t a promise to begin with, it can only be a promise if it becomes true. Why do… Continue Reading