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The Do’s and Don’ts Battle

Do's and Don'tsIt’s safe for me to assume, since you are reading my Stay@Home Dad blog, you have probably gone to the internet for help concerning babies and parenthood. It would also be safe to assume that you have encountered conflicting advice. You know what I am talking about.

Site number one will say, Breastfeed your child exclusively for the first 6 months of it’s life.

Site number two says, Breastfeed your child until they are three.

Site number three, Don’t ever breastfeed your child, you are imprisoning yourself. Besides your child wants to feel independent.

Those are just examples on breastfeeding. The online baby info war encompass everything from bottles to burping to types of toys, education, how and when to talk to your child, family bed or no, organic foods, sippy cup before 6 months or not- The list is extensive and it is exhausting both to read and follow. The worst part is, you don’t even have to get online to find conflicting advice. It will find you, at your church, grocery store, play dates, golf course- shoot, it will even find you in your own home.

Well I have one bit of advice for you, straight from the Stay@Home Dad. I am sure someone would disagree with me.


You got a brain, use it. You’re smart enough to know bad advice when you see it, so dismiss it and carry on. Take emotions and any other pressures out of the equation and work the problem. You know your baby and you know you. Get some direction that works for you and then go with it. If it doesn’t work then use your brain and adjust. You aren’t going to kill your baby. They are tough.

Messed up? Don’t feel bad, you’re not a bad parent. Everyone messes up. In fact, you are awesome because you are trying to find the best answer for your child’s needs. You are smart enough to know when something is working or not and aren’t afraid to change if need be. You operate out of your child’s best interest. That’s called love. Not to sound sappy or cliche, but love really is all your baby needs. So chill out and give it your best shot. Your child will thank you, if it survives- Just kidding.

God’s blessings

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