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Tribute to Mom

IMG_2472It being Mother’s day, I thought it appropriate to write a tribute to all the mom’s out there. My perspective of motherhood has widened since my son was born. Being a father, I now have a more accurate understanding of the cost to love a child unconditionally.  To think I have to keep this same level of commitment for the next 20 plus years and (God willing) do the same for more children is overwhelming- yet somehow I know I will manage. Why? Because of my mother.  (You too Dad, but today’s not your day.)

It’s not that I believe if my mom could do it then surely I can do it. It’s just that she literately raised my sister’s and I while singing a song. As an adult, with a little help from hindsight, I know now there where tough days for her. Still she sang. I’m sure it wasn’t always rainbows and sunrises when it came to raising three children. There were times when she had to sacrifice a lot for us. Yet during the storms and gloomy sunsets, she still found time to sing. I don’t know where she came up with the songs, I think she made most of them up, or they were fragments of multiple songs pieced together in her mommy stream of conscious- It doesn’t matter. While I don’t know the origin of the songs she sang, I know why she sang them. She loved what she did. I can see her now loading up the dishwasher with one hand while raising the other in the air as she sings, “Hooray for Hollywood.”  Like I said, not sure about her song choice, but the song in her heart was that of rejoicing.

Mom loved what she did, because she loved what she had. She knew everything was a gift from God and that God would sustain her, hence her song. By singing, Mom taught me more than how to tie shoes, share with my sisters and say please and thank you; and she did a lot more than cook meals and drive me to school. She taught me by example that the secret to unending joy is living a committed life of faith, service and hope to our Heavenly Father.

I believe I can make it through Fatherhood because of the promises God has made to us parents, His children. Promises I know will be fulfilled because of the example my mother has left for me to follow.

Psalm 37.4; II Chronicles 20.15; Psalm 55.22; Proverbs 22.6; Isaiah 49.24-25; I John 5.14-15

God thank you for moms, and for equipping them  with grace and love.

I love you Mom, thanks for everything.  Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all the mothers out there, God bless you all.

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  1. John this is very thoughtful of you I know your mom is honored and very proud. Thanks for including all Mothers!!!