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Your Story and the Author of Salvation

Author of Salvation
Hebrews 5:9- “And being made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him.”

I’ve always liked the term Author of Salvation. The first English translations of Hebrews 5:9 used the word author instead of source. The Greek word translated is aítios, and its meaning is more in line of a cause or source, so I understand why modern translations steer away from author, still I love the imagery. Everyone has a story. Some of us are blessed to have another story, a testimony, the story of how we let Christ save us. Of course if there is a story, there must be an author.

Take it from me, a good story is difficult to craft.  An author must be strategic and intentional with their storytelling else the meaning is lost in plot. There’s a certain method involved in building tension, playing up a climax and delivering a satisfying resolution. Their must be plot twists, epiphanies, lessons, mystery and character development, all seamlessly orchestrated with a plot that steadily rises in action then resolves with a impressionable ending. Why so much criteria? Because readers need to see a natural progression of a character’s development in order to believe it.

Of course a believable story needs believable characters. To create a protagonist an author must include a support cast and a setting. Without either of these a character feels detached or insignificant to the reader. Why? Because we can’t suspend the fact, even temporarily, that everyone comes from somewhere. The best authors use as much of their story’s world to shape a cast that feels real to the reader. Relationships, settings, events, passive and active circumstances, you name it; all can and should influence a character if the story is well crafted. The more the author develops a character’s personality, beliefs, disposition, temperament, turn-ons and turn-offs and worldview the more believable the character is to the reader. The more believable a character, the more effective he or she is at telling a story. Outside of a book, these principles are true for us.

Only a skilled author can orchestrate all of the criteria needed to craft a powerful story.

Think of your life’s story. How did it begin? Did it start with a happy setting in a beautiful  part of the world? Perhaps a less than ideal beginning with a broken family? It doesn’t matter what  the who, what, where and when of your story entails, what matters is that you are a product of their influence. God was very intentional in creating your character, paying close attention to detail such as: race, language, dialect, interests, ideals, quirks, relationships, body type, personality and temperament. Every one of these characteristics have been effected by other people (characters) and settings in your life. Why would God be so intentional in your character development? Because every character in every story serves a purpose. God made you exactly how He wants you to be. You are no mistake, you are a purpose. Designed as a support character for a specific role to play in another character’s salvation story.

Have you experienced Christ’s Salvation? Think of your story. Think of all twists and turns and characters that got you to where you are. Only a master author could pull that off. Take it further. Do you have kids? God wanted to develop them in a very specific way, that’s why he made you one of their parents. You are a support character in their back story; quirks, hobbies, strengths and all. Co-workers? It’s the same deal. God placed you in their lives for a reason; to be a positive role in their story of salvation. God equipped you with the traits needed and wove you into other’s stories so you can help guide them through their epiphanies and plot twists. The Author wishes for all his characters to experience the climax of His story, salvation. Do you have a vision, idea, goal or dream? That’s part of your character that God wrote to influence and develop another character in their story. You may be a kind gesture that reveals God’s love, a prayer that blesses, or a conversation that teaches the Gospel. God intentionally wrote you in so you can have a part in the story of salvation.

Take pride in who you are, because you are a masterpiece, masterfully crafted by the Author of Salvation.





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