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The Arbiter’s Onus is now an eBook.

Alright, I lied, but before I get into that I wanted to thank everyone. The weekend promotion for The King’s Elite & The Fargaible Prophecies exceeded my wildest expectations. I told my wife, Andrea, “If I get 300 downloads total I’ll be happy, but if I get 1000 then I’ll be ecstatic. After nearly 2000 copies were downloaded over the weekend I’m left searching for the proper adjective to trump ecstatic.  To keep things simple I’ll leave it at thrilled.  I am thrilled with the excitement buzzing around The King’s Elite.  A big thank you to everyone for your support.

So that lie… I posted before the promotion that I was planning on releasing book two, The King’s Elite & The Arbiter’s Onus, on Kindle eBook this coming fall. I guess I got excited over the weekend and put in the time to push book 2 out early. Early as in right now. I bumped the whole release schedule by 90 days, maybe more if Ada, my unborn baby girl who is due any moment, allows me.  OK I admit it.  The book was already done, I just had to click a few things to make it happen. It’s the same for book 3 as well, but with 3 boys under 5 and a baby girl on the way it’s hard to find time, even if I just need to click a few things.

If you are interested in finding book 1 of the King’s Elite series please click here.

If you are interested in reading the sequel The King’s Elite & The Arbiter’s Onus please click here.

Thanks again to everyone who downloaded a free copy of The King’s Elite & The Fargaible Prophecies.  As always, I sincerely hope you enjoy the book.


P.S. At the moment of this post’s publication if you haven’t downloaded book 1 for free there is still time to do so. The promotion ends Monday night at midnight PDT.

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