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Me, Myself and – I never saw this coming.

Over the past year, maybe longer, I have been trying to figure out the next chapter of my life.  In case you are reading this post first, I am talking about career options.  Since I have started this blog, I have already learned quite a bit about how I think and internalize information.  These past few days, though, God delivered a whopper of a lesson for me.

For example, I have always known that I am a listener.  It is more important for me to retain knowledge from a conversation rather than to share knowledge (never realized how selfish that sounded till I wrote that down.) The problem that I run into, the problem I have just learned about myself, is that I do a poor job organizing all of the information that I gather.

So I asked Myself, “how should one organize their thoughts?”

“One thought at a time,” Myself replied.

“Just like you organize your tangible items,” Me said, “everything has its own place.”

This went on and on.  To the point where it would only bore you and embarrass Myself if  the conversation I had with Me continued in dialogue form.  Fortunately, for you, Myself and Me continued the Socratic interview, which I then converted from dialogue to this handy, dandy flow chart.

Yes, this is a real conversation, Me had with Myself and Yes, he is slightly embarrassed that I is sharing it online.  As odd as it is, I learned so much about Me by only asking Myself questions, and it all started one day when Myself simply stated that he was feeling restless. It appears lengthy, but it doesn’t take that long to read.

A big thanks to Me, Myself and I for supplying this flow chart.

Red box= Myself  Blue box = Me

Technical difficulty.  If you are having trouble reading the flow chart you can click on the image to make it larger.  If you hit Ctrl and + on your keyboard it will also blow up the image enough for you to read it easier.  When done, hit Ctrl and 0 at the same time to reset your screen.   Sorry for any inconvenience.


Again, that really happened.  I sat down with myself  and asked only questions, which I then forced myself to answer honestly.  God used my quirky sense of humor and odd mental processing to direct me.  I really encourage everyone to do this.  Obviously, writing out a flow chart of your own thoughts may not help everyone who is seeking direction or trying to figure out their pain.  However, being still and knowing there is a God will help you find answers.  God was the winning factor in this formula, not the Socratic Method, or the handy, dandy flow chart.

God bless

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