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God’s Role for the Stay-at-Home Dad

God’s Role for the Stay-At-Home Dad

As a husband and soon to be father, there are responsibilities I can never neglect.  God has made clear the role of the husband and father.  As my wife and I approached the possibility of having me be a stay-at-home dad, several concerns came into play.  Does staying at home while my wife wins the bread violate one my God given responsibilities? Does it rob my wife from hers?

Now that we are preparing for parenthood, I have found myself looking through Ephesians. Before I make any decisions, I must remember that God’s given responsibilities do not change, regardless the seasons we find ourselves in.  Let me briefly describe our current season.

Andrea and I were married the summer of 2007 shortly after we graduated college.  She started work as a nurse while I took on a job as a store clerk selling outdoor gear.  I went back to school and earned my MAT (Master’s of Art in Teaching).  I eventually had to quit work so I could student teach.  I graduated at the end of summer 2009.  That is when I went 10 months without finding a teaching job.  In June of 2010 God provided me a teaching job at a mental health and behavioral management facility for state custody kids.  Once I had a secure job, Andrea went back to school to become a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist).

Andrea is on track to finish school August 2013.  Consequently, our son is due to show up that same week.  We have found ourselves in a bit of a predicament.  Andrea already has a job lined up with a two year contract working full time.

Let’s face it. My wife will be making much more money than I.  Our career paths are decisions we both agreed upon.  Just like we both agreed on having a baby.  The little guy may be arriving a little sooner than what we planned, but we will take God’s plan over ours any day.  So what is God’s plan for us now that we need to plan a way for us to care for a child?  Does me being a stay-at-home dad violate God’s roles for the husband and father?

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