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Changing it Up

The Stay-At-Home Dad is going on its sixth month.  The blog has already grown to more than whatever I thought possible. Several changes lie in store for the blog as I prepare to make the transition from work to home.

In the upcoming weeks specific categories will be assigned to a designated day of the week.

Sundays will remain reserved for posts concerning thoughts on faith and my spiritual growth.

Tuesdays will feature product reviews. I am not affiliated with anyone, so the goal is to give honest reviews on the gear and products we use as parents.

Friday’s posts will be quick tips and tricks I have learned or horror stories of what not to do.

By breaking up the posts to specific days I hope to keep the posts organized for my readers.  I know unmarried John Doe does not care to read about baby strollers.  Now that he knows Tuesday posts will only feature product reviews he can stick to Sunday’s posts on spiritual meditations if he so chooses.

Simple?  I hope so.  Before I end this I want to thank you guys, my readers.  You  have made this fun and keep me motivated to continue to write and grow.  If you know of any new parents or newlyweds send them this way.  God’s blessings.

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