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Product Review: Avent Bottle Natural

514872Today marks my first product review. I doubt this series will be your typical product review that you find on most baby blogs.  For the most part I have no idea what I am talking about.  I have little experience in using baby products and don’t have a budget to compare and contrast multiple products.  My perspective comes at some advantage.  I am a new dad sharing my experience. All you are going to hear is if a product works or not.  Without further ado, here begins the first of my review.

Avent Bottle: Natural

Not much can go into a bottle right?  That was my first thought when Andrea and I started our baby registry adventure.  The bottle aisle overcame us in a hurry.  Nothing really jumped out at us as we tried to pull the trigger on a specific brand.  We had a Tommee Tippee in one hand and the Avent Natural in the other. Obviously we walked out with the Avent bottles.  I am not sure why we initially chose Avent, but here are our thoughts on it now.

Dad says: Easy to clean:  Not sure if this is true for all bottles, but these clean up pretty easy. It doesn’t break down in a lot parts and the few pieces that do are easily put back together.  I know it’s just a bottle, but when you are managing and cleaning parts to a breast pump, you definitely want a simple bottle to work with at the sink.

One problem I have is that the nipple easily kinks up when in the baby’s mouth.  It’s not a big deal though because it easily resets itself as soon as you pull it out.  It is one of the more pricey bottles too.

Mom says: (paraphrased by dad)  Like the box claims, the nipple does have a natural look and feel to it.  Owen had no problems taking this bottle.  It seems to feed a little fast, but I don’t know if that is Owen just being a beast, or an issue with the nipple.  He doesn’t seem to have more air in him after feeding from this bottle than when off the breast, which is great.

Owen says:  -no comment.  He seems to enjoy it though.

Overall I am giving this product 4.5 out of 5.  It does a great job, but I can’t help but think you can have similar results with a better priced bottle.

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