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Product Review: City Mini Baby Stroller

2076249My past product reviews have been too linear. The scope of each post covered my experience with each product then simply rated it at the end.  Unless you were considering the specific product under review, my product review offered little information for the average reader.  Hence forth, my product reviews will also have a section titled General. Under the General heading I will include thoughts that apply to the category of said product. For example, today’s post is on the city mini stroller, the General heading will feature thoughts on strollers in ‘general’… get it?  Forgive me for thinking I am clever, I’ve been talking to a baby all day so I am impressed with just about everything I have to say today.

City Mini 

The City Mini by Baby Jogger is a light weight stroller that easily folds with one hand. It is a smooth ride and handles nicely, with front wheel suspension, a locking swivel and quick release wheels with sealed ball bearings. There are many accessories available for purchase to help customize your baby’s ride. If you plan on pushing an infant around you will have to pick up an adapter that allows you to snap in your baby’s car seat on top of the stroller. It is well made and durable which is surprising considering how light it is.

Dad says: Andrea and I have been very happy with this stroller. It delivers on every promise. It does not have a tray or cup holder which has been inconvenient on a number of occasions, still this is what makes it easy to fold and so light weight. You can buy a tray accessory, which is something we might consider.

I made the mistake of thinking this was a jogging stroller.  Baby Jogger clearly says this is not a jogging stroller so this is all on me. However, I was told by a store employee that you could jog with it. Don’t be like me, read the box before you buy the thing.  I doubt I would have gone with another option, but I was a little disappointed once I realized it was never intended for jogging.

Mom says:  I love how easy it is to fold up and carry.  I can easily lift it up with one hand. It snaps into position as it rises off the ground, so it’s super easy when you are holding a baby or car seat in your other hand.  My biggest complaint is not having a tray.  Once we start using solid foods, it will be nice to have a place to feed him.  Also when shopping around it is nice to have a place to put your own drink or set your phone down, that just isn’t an option with the City Mini except with attachments.

Baby Says: I like facing towards mommy and daddy when they push me around. It’s also one smooth ride, it’s got a nice finish too, which really impresses the babes- too bad it doesn’t work without a chaperone.

Rating– At $249.00, it is hard to recommend this baby stroller to a friend, but it was the one item we both wanted to splurge on. We are glad we did.   I am giving it a 4 out of 5 due to its price and having to buy other accessories like trays and cup holders separately. If you are in the market for a stroller and plan on doing a lot of walking with the baby, then I think this stroller will be a great fit for you.

General: A couple of things to keep in mind when picking out a stroller are: size, weight, durability, functionality. I can’t express how convenient it is to be able to operate a stroller with one hand; not just pushing it, but pulling it out of the car, unfolding it, setting it up and placing your baby in it. You also want a compact stroller.  When it’s time to travel with a baby you will want all the space you can get.  Smaller is better in most cases, unless it severely limits it’s functionality and durability.  You definitely want something that can take some abuse. As for functionality, have in mind what you plan on doing with your stroller before you buy one.  Are you going to jog with it? Do you want a dock for your phone or ipod? Does it need to have a lot of storage compartments? Having an idea of what you will be using your stroller for will help you save money and end up with a product that fits your lifestyle.  This way you don’t end up with four different strollers filling up your garage.

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