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A Strange Look at Strangers

I found some time today to scribble down a thought that had been pestering me early this morning.  This isn’t anything groundbreaking, just my thoughts for the day.

Have you ever looked at a stranger then felt sorry for them?  A pity that you normally feel when you are genuinely concerned about someone, and you can only be so concerned because the person is more than acquaintance?   I am not talking about the person with a severe need or discomfort that is not being met; like the old man who is eating his dinner alone at the restaurant, the wounded veteran who has lost all of his limbs, or the impoverished lady blowing her paycheck on a stack of lottery tickets.  I am not talking about these strangers. These people would obviously tug at your heart.  I am talking about the stranger that at first glance seems to have it all together.  Maybe they are really excited as they are making a big purchase at the department store.  It could be the person standing outside of the post office talking away on their phone, or the parent waiting in the school parking lot for parent pick up.  Have you ever felt sorry for these people?  I am usually puzzled when I am stopped in the midst of my people watching by a broken heart, especially when the person shows no signs of strife or hardship.  Am I the only one who feels that way from time to time?  I doubt it.  That is a lie I am tempted to believe, just like all of the other ‘Am I the only…’ lies that are out there.

Why is it that I feel this way?  Are they transmitting a subliminal message that my subconscious is picking up?  Do they stand as a stark contrast to the rest of the dead and dieing world?  Am I upset that they seem happier than me?  I am not sure, nor am I going to try to figure it out.  Perhaps, somewhere in the center of the Lazy Susan of possibilities is a dish that brings it all together.  The question I am most concerned about is what to do with that broken heart.

Most of the time I pray for the individual.  Something along the lines about me asking God to reveal His true majesty and love to that person.

“God put someone in their life that can be an example for this person.  Teach them not to be content with the world, but to seek You instead.”

The funny thing, more like tragic, is that I will move on happy with the prayer that I prayed for them.  I hardly ever stop to talk to the person or share with them my faith.  Am I the only one who does this?  Am I the only one who could have made an impact at that specific time for that person?  Nope, those are lies. Right?  So I’ll keep on  moving, strangers will stay lost, my heart stays broken.  It’s a vicious cycle of apathy… just like a Lazy Susan.

Scraps and Duds

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