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Obstacles for a Stay-at-Home Dad

This is not to discourage anyone from being a stay-at-home dad.  The purpose here is to put some skin on the problems we face.  Please don’t mistake this as complaining.   Share this with any friends or family you have that are considering to be a stay-at-home dad, or use this to be aware of… Continue Reading

Fear and Doubt vs Peace and Faith

Fear and Doubt vs Peace and Faith

This past Friday was my final day at work. Standing in my classroom for the last time wasn’t what I expected it to be. I anticipated difficult goodbyes with my students and coworkers, but saying goodbye to the job itself proved harder than I had imagined.  Thankfully, over the weekend I found time to process this transition from… Continue Reading

Protecting Their Emotional Needs

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but expecting ladies and new moms tend to go crazy from time to time.  Before I continue let me preface this by saying that my wife has cleared this post.  I should also clarify what I mean by going crazy. Crazy– A temporary but complete loss of… Continue Reading

Innocent Babies in a Reckless World

Being a father has been great for my prayer life.  I don’t think there has been a time when holding Owen that I haven’t said some sort of prayer for him.  One reoccurring prayer is that my son will some day have a close relationship with God.  I want Owen to enjoy God in his… Continue Reading

Lessons From a Newborn

Lessons From a Newborn

Three weeks into fatherhood and it still catches me off guard when people ask. So what’s it like being a new dad? I must look like I am learning I am a father for the first time when I say, “…It’s …surreal.” You would think my time off would have offered me ample time to… Continue Reading

Rebuttal Lines: An Alternative to Counsel

Life has gotten hectic three weeks out from the due date.  Andrea is still wrapping up her school program, I am trying to finish off work, plus we are at a constant scramble preparing for the little guy.  It seems like this is the case for many couples. Things just crazier and crazier just before… Continue Reading

Happy Father’s Day

Based on what I have learned with my twenty-eight years of experience on this world, I have concluded that it is hard being a man.  Therefore it is safe for me to assume that it must be hard being a dad.  This world is continually being modified from its original purpose of glorifying God to… Continue Reading

Enjoy Each Season

“Say goodbye to life.”  It’s usually said with a mirthful laugh following behind.  I have heard it a countless amount of times over the past seven months.  There are many other presages varying between comedic and tragic.  “Just get past labor and delivery,” “Potty training is a nightmare,” “Just get use to changing diapers,” “Get… Continue Reading

The Husband’s Role for the Family

In the previous post I shared about the season my wife, Andrea, and I are in.  We have decided together that it would be best for me to stay at home with our son for the first two years of his life.  Even though we are having role reversal in the traditional sense, my God… Continue Reading