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Enjoy Each Season

“Say goodbye to life.”  It’s usually said with a mirthful laugh following behind.  I have heard it a countless amount of times over the past seven months.  There are many other presages varying between comedic and tragic.  “Just get past labor and delivery,” “Potty training is a nightmare,” “Just get use to changing diapers,” “Get use to no sleep,” “The first three weeks are the worst,” “The first three months are the worst,” “Brace yourself for the terrible twos, “Consider putting them up for adoption before their teens.”

Obviously there are many phases to go through as a parent and some will be more pleasant than others.  For the inexperienced parent, such as myself, there is much to fear, possibly much to dread.  Thankfully, I heard something this past weekend with a much lighter tone.  Rather than an ominous ring of a death knell sounding the end my old life of freedom, I heard the resonance of hope.

“Enjoy each season.”

It is easy to forget that there is something to value in each season.  I am sure it will be very easy to forget when I am wrist deep in baby poo.  I guess the key for me will be to take the time to think of what moment is exclusive to each season.  What is there to cherish now that will soon pass?  Another thought I had was that a parent does more than build a standard of love and care for their child to expect for the rest of their life.   They are training for long term parent duty, so it is best to pass these first seasons with flying colors. With each sleepless night and dirty diaper I am losing more of my self so  that I may give more of myself to my child.  When I think of it this way, that ominous death knell doesn’t sound so bad.

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