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How to Quit your Job

A few weeks ago I told my principle that I will be quitting work to be a stay-at-home dad. She was excited to see me go- perhaps a little too excited. Turns out, this job quitting business is much easier than anticipated, but God has placed a few challenges on my heart before my final day. I don’t want to burn down any bridges and its probably best for your last impression at work to be a positive one. Chances are you may need them as a reference in the future. Besides, as a Christian I believe we are called to do everything to the best of our ability, as odd as it may sound I believe this includes quitting.

Be Respectful– This should come as a no-brainer, so I am assuming everyone knows not to be intentionally disrespectful to your boss or coworkers. What I am getting at is that this could potentially be a sensitive time for you or those at your work. Make a conscious effort not to appear smug, ungrateful, entitled or uncaring. If there is some tension between you and another, try to amend the relationship before you leave. It can leave a powerful lasting impression.

Don’t Slack Off– The tendency for me when I know I am about to quit is to slack off. It happened every May as a kid before summer vacation and I anticipate the same as I close in on my final day. Remember the goal is to leave a great last impression. Not slacking off and continuing to go over and beyond is a great way to achieve this goal. This is getting harder as I approach my final day and especially when my responsibilities outside of work begin to pile up. The key has been for me to pray for reminders of the importance of finishing this race as strong as I started.

Take Advantage of Benefits: Need your eyes checked? Want to take a free course? Check out your job’s benefits and see what is available before you make the big announcement. You may find something that will make it worth you working an extra month or two, like your 401k bumping up to the next bracket.

Leave a Final Contribution– This ties in with the previous point. I wanted to write this down as a challenge for myself. Before I leave my current job I want to leave a major contribution to my school. Whether it is for the teacher that will be replacing me, the students, or my principal, I want to leave something that will enrich the school. It doesn’t have to be huge, but I want it to be significant. I think having this goal will help me stay respectful, productive and organized. It also helps achieve a positive final impression.

Edify Your Coworkers: God has placed me at this specific job, with specific people at this specific season. I believe none of this happened by chance. Over the past three years I have made fantastic friendships and have gotten to know these people well. We have learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses as well as our individual beliefs. Before I leave I must make the effort to reach out to my coworkers and encourage and love them. I must also share with them my faith. This is another reason why leaving a great last impression is important. The cool thing about doing this is that I always end up being blessed as well.

I think what matters the most is to be sure to honor God in this process. If you find yourself having to leave a job for whatever the reason try this challenge. I know it may be difficult especially if you are being laid off. I have been in job limbo before, its not fun. Stay faithful God, because he is always faithful to us.

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