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Product Review: Fisher-Price Back Seat Mirror

9162709Not every car seat is accompanied with a mirror.  Some parents think it adds to the stress, others can’t imagine traveling without one. I first believed that a mirror is a mirror, and that anyone of these could do the job, but this particular model got me thinking differently. While the Fisher-Price Travel Care Day and Night Mirror may reflect light just as well as any other polished plane, it does have a handy light and song list to set it above the rest.

Dad says:  I always assume luxury items like this are a dime a dozen, until we actual put them to use.  Little things like a remote light and music player have come in handy. Sure you could just turn the dome light on and turn up your own music when the need arises, but I have learned baby Owen doesn’t share my love for Dave Matthews.  He cares for the glass shattering high-pitched notes that chime in and out.  It works great at grabbing his attention and soothing him, but if you are asking me… I’d pick Dave any day.

One issue I have is that it takes triple A batteries for the remote and double As for the mirror.  Other than that, the odd baby music, and the 35 dollar price tag, I think it’s pretty swell.

Mom says: I like having a mirror available so I can look at him when he is upset and know what is wrong.  One quick glance is all I need sometimes to help decide if I can keep driving or if we need to make a pit stop.  The baby light is a nice feature because it allows me to check on him in the dark without waking him up with the bright dome light.

Owen says: Who’s that?

Rating: It works, I don’t think I would have paid the 35 dollars myself for this item, but it is definitely baby register worthy if you have a shower coming up. Mirrors do come in handy, and if you can find a deal on this one I’d say go for it.

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