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The King’s Elite & The Ebon Crow

It’s coming, I promise! The King’s Elite & The Ebon Crow has been a long time coming.  Since parting ways with Borderstone Press, I’ve taken interior design of the book into my owns hands which as been a challenge to say the least.  Thankfully I have the previous 3 books as a template to go… Continue Reading

Ode to Snot

Snot. So much snot… Where does it come from? Is my child’s brain melting and draining from his nose? That’s what it looks like. Two green columns flowing from each nostril to his chest. Good thing they’ve come up with a medicine for this, but oh wait… That’s all over his face too; a pink… Continue Reading

Praying for Your Child

Praying for Your Child

Protection, Guidance, Prosperity, Health, Friendship, Wisdom, Emotional Stability, Salvation This is my simplified prayer list for my son. Any parent could tell you that the list goes on forever, with new items added daily. I keep a prayer journal, and an overwhelming majority of my prayers are for my son. I can’t help it. I’m not a fearful person, but I acknowledge… Continue Reading

Five Ways to Combat the Stay-at-Home Blues

I’m no pro, but I’ve done the stay-at-home gig long enough to understand the Stay-at-Home Blues. As parents, we love our kids and cherish the opportunity we have to spend each day with them, but every once in a while we can find ourselves stuck in a depressed rut. Some wish they had more time… Continue Reading