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How To: Keep Your Masculinity whilst with Your Baby

This short video I made pokes fun at some of the vain thoughts I’ve had while  out with my baby. At 6’1” and weighing in at an intimidating 145 pounds, I’ve never been considered a man’s man.  It doesn’t help that I am at home with the baby everyday (the beard helps a little).  There is a fine line between caring or disregarding others’ opinions. When people learn that the husband is the primary caregiver for the family, people (not all) tend to stereotype and make some assumptions.

He must be lazy

He must have failed at his career

He must be avoiding responsibility 

I doubt he does a good job

I’m not going to defend against any of these assumptions , there is no need nor is it the point of this post. Being a man though, I know how these assumptions can grate against our self-image, even if we know these are not true about ourselves. I also acknowledge stereotypes exist for a reason and if there is any truth behind these assumptions, we must work to correct ourselves. The problem about these assumptions are cultural, not biblical.  However, we can check out hearts and ensure these assumptions are untrue by looking to the Bible for direction and guidance. For more reading check out, The Husband’s Role for the Family and God’s Role for the Stay-at-Home Dad.

There is nothing effeminate or masculine about sacrificing one’s career to raise children. (And for the women who have made the same sacrifice you should also be commended and praised.)  It is possible to fulfill God’s role for our lives outside of our cultural boundaries; in fact, many times that is exactly where God’s will takes us.

Remember men, our identity is found in God.  We are his sons. Be yourself, and be an Ephesians 5 man, I can’t think of a more masculine way to present ourselves, with or without beards.

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